Don Olivo Chocolate Tour

Don Olivo Chocolate Tour

Learn how chocolate is made and taste more tropical fruits than you knew existed, on this Costa Rican family farm!

Learning how to make chocolate from cocoa

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Don Olivo Chocolate Tour

If you are in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, you will want to head over to Don Olivo Chocolate Tour.

As soon as you enter this typical Costa Rican family farm, you are transported in a tropical paradise.

The owner starts the tour in the front of the farm where he presents all sorts of fruits trees and offers his guests to try the fresh fruits at every stop.

You will discover fruits you never knew existed and will love all of the tasting going on!

Mid-Tour, take a shot at pressing juice out of a sugar cane and give the family’s home-made rum a try. You won’t regret it!

The second half of the tour takes you through the cocoa plantation. The owner will prop a cocoa fruit opened and invite you taste the Starburst-flavored beans! See? You just learned something. Wait until you taste it!

At the end of the tour, enjoy homemade and customizable hot chocolate!!

The tour is fantastic for adults and children. It lasts about 2 hours and is a very easy and flat walk around the plantation. The owner will give tours in English, Spanish, or both!

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Things to do before you get started.

Before the chocolate tour, visit the Parque Nacional Volcàn Arenal and enjoy a 2-hour hike to the lava and a 400-year old tree

Things to do after your activity.

After the tour, spend your evening swimming in one of the many hot springs surrounding the volcano. How about Paradise Hot Springs?!