Memory game

Memory game

Improve Your Memory And Have Fun.

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Memory game

Can’t remember where you left your keys? Get a few friends together, play a little game, and losing things may happen¬† to you less and less!

Did you know you can exercise a part of your brain that controls short-term memory through games, puzzles and simple exercises? There are many websites offering a variety of these games and puzzles for exactly that purpose. But before there was an internet, individuals played an old parlor game that did just that. The game is best played with a small group of friends. You simply gather a selection of small items that fit on a tray (start with smaller number of items and add as you go). Maybe you can start with items such as: a spool of thread, a birthday candle, a fork, a writing pen and a deck of cards. Each member of the group is given a prescribed amount of time to examine the articles and the tray is then covered. Within a time limit, that person writes down or speaks out the number of items that he/she remembers. Someone keeps track of the score of each individual. Items can be added each round. Who wins? Everyone!

This will not cure Alzheimers, but your memory will improve and you will have a little fun at the same time.


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Have patience with yourself and remember to just have fun!

Some people are just born with a well developed short term memory. Others naturally have very good long term memory and recall. Don’t make this a contest. It is an opportunity for personal growth. Seek improvement, not winning.

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