Defy Trampoline Park, Orlando, FL

Defy Trampoline Park, Orlando, FL

Hands down, the best trampoline park in Orlando, FL

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Defy Trampoline Park, Orlando, FL

Defy Orlando is an amazing trampoline park in Orlando, FL. Located up SR50 (Colonial Dr), it is extremely clean, safe, and only allows a certain number of jumpers at a time. There is never a feeling of crowds and some areas are reserved for older jumpers, making it safe for kids and adults of all ages to have fun! Since it is an indoor park, it is the perfect option to spend some time and energy when Orlando gets blazing hot, rainy and stormy, or during some of the colder winter days! Make sure to reserve a time slot ahead of time (1, 1.5, 2 hours), bring some anti-slip socks or buy them there, sign your waiver online, and get there on time! You will love all of the trampoline options, the ninja zone, zip lining, trapeze, swings, and so much more! Fun time guaranteed and happy & tired kiddos at the end!! And if you have younger kids, Monday through Saturday is 6-and-under from 9 to 10AM!

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  • Location
  • $12.00
  • 60 to 120
  • Children: Yes
  • Family: Yes
  • Adults:
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Anti-Slip Socks

Anti-slip / grip socks have grips underneath to avoid slipping and falling

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Save Time At Check-In

Sign your waiver online and get there on time for your allotted time spot! You’ll save time at check in and be on your way to bouncing in no time!

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